"BIKES & BURRITOS" Overnight Bicycle Tour – Park City, Utah

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There’s this beautiful little resort town called Park City, Utah. I moved to Park City from California 16 years ago… and just recently started offering guided group bike tours of the city and the surrounding areas.

In May of 2022 I hosted my second Bicycle Touring Pro “Bikes & Burritos” Overnight Bicycle Tour in Park City, Utah… and we had a great group of people from all across North America come out for the tour.

This was the first tour, totally by coincidence, where the group consisted of all men.

We cycled from old town Park City, down Main Street and past all of the old historic buildings, through Park City Mountain Resort – the largest ski resort in North America, into Kimball Junction (the newer, more modern side of Park City), and onto Jeremy ranch, where we enjoyed the green grass views alongside the neighborhood’s beautiful golf course.

Then, about half way through the day, we jumped on a dirt road where the scenery changed entirely, and it was a 9-mile bike ride before reaching our home for the night – Big Rock Campground, situated on the south side of Echo State Park.

Once in camp, we quickly chowed down on our burrito dinner, set up our tents, and spent the rest of the evening sitting around the campfire and getting to know the other people in our group.

In the morning, breakfast was served… then we packed up our bikes and cycled back into downtown Park City, where the bike tour had begun no more than twenty-four hours before.

I’ve been running these “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bicycle tours in California and Utah for more than five years now… and what I like so much about these tours is that the people who come out for the tours come from a wide range of experience levels.

Some people are totally new to bike riding, others have never camped or even set up a tent before, and others are experienced bicycle travelers who are just looking for a unique experience that allows them to get into nature, meet new people, and travel to places they have never experienced before.

So, if this looks like the sort of bicycle tour you might enjoy participating in, consider joining us on a future “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bicycle tour!

To learn how to sign up, simply visit my website at www.bicycletouringpro.com/calendar to see the list of bike tours that are scheduled to take place over the coming months.

But act fast if this looks like something you want to do, because space is limited and these tours tend to fill up pretty quickly.

In fact, the next “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bicycle tour takes place on the weekend of September 17th and 18th in Park City, Utah… and while there are still several spots remaining on that tour, I suspect those spots will fill up very soon – especially as the tour draws closer.

So, once again, if this looks like the sort of bicycle touring experience you might enjoy… or you’re new to bicycle touring and want to put your overnight biking and/or camping skills to the test, consider joining us on the next Bicycle Touring Pro “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bicycle tour.

Once again, you can register to join us on the next tour by simply visiting the Bicycle Touring Pro calendar page at www.bicycletouringpro.com/calendar.

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