Best States for Van Life and Living Off The Grid. ($25 Rent)

Best States for Van Life and Living Off The Grid. ($25 Rent)

Best States for Van Life and Living Off The Grid. $25 Rent

Are you sick of paying excessive rent and want to travel? Do you work remotely or are you retired? Do you want to pay $25 rent for more than half the year?
If you said yes be warned this video might ignite your wanderlust.

With the increased popularity of remote working, van life has become a thing.
Throughout history, if you are living in a van down by the river, you were down on your luck, life took a bad turn and you can’t afford a studio apt above a strip club called dirty joes.
That was the old days. This has become a very popular way to live.
Over the last 2 years, I have been researching this for myself. Not for a full-time thing but for weeks at a time while I travel the country.

How popular is this? There have been around 15 million posts about #VanLife on Instagram over the past few years, and hundreds of van life channels have sprung up on Youtube. This is now a legit lifestyle that many retirees and remote workers are choosing. They aren’t just living in 1970 Ford Econoline vans either. Class B Motor homes, Sprinter vans, and really nice converted buses

Learn the United States map with us.

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