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We were so hopeful for 2020 to be the beginning of a glorious decade, however it’s been a year that many will agree has been rather eventful! Although 2020 has been a less than stellar year, it’s shed a brighter light on the importance of financial stability.

In hopes of a brighter financial future, here are best money saving + investment apps that We’ve found useful to prepare for 2021.

In this video, we cover money saving, stocks, and investment apps. The finance apps are: Acorns, Merrill Edge Savings, Robinhood, Simple, Mint, Albert, Digit, Qapital, You need a budget, and HoneyFi. With Qapital, you set goal-commands for a certain amount to be deposited into your portfolio from an external checking account. With Digit, an exact amount is transferred from your checking account into an FDIC-insured Digit account. A perk of Digit is that as an incentive, a 1% savings bonus is issued out every three months. Albert uses a “sweep” technique to move small amount of money from your checking account into your Albert Savings. It takes into consideration your upcoming bills, income, and predicted paychecks. Mint ensures that you maximize what you can do with your money. With this concept, you can better prepare to save, set aside an emergency fund, and prep for retirement. Merrill Edge is a sophisticated savings program to help you build wealth. With Acorns you can begin your first investment portfolio and invest almost like the top 1% rich and wealthy.

Well we hope you gained value from watching this video, and will note be better prepared for 2021.

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