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Bentota is that the Sri Lanka’s best water-sports capital and Riverside Araliya is the exclusive spot for surfers and jet skiers alike. Our comprehensive water sports center is provided with jet skis, water skis, surf boards, speed boats and far a lot of. you’ll be able to conjointly become the Iron Man of the water with the most recent member of our waterspouts family, the fly board! Our well-trained and fully fledged instructors and certificate holders are happy to welcome you in our aquatics center and to help you within the discovery of the richness of the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. The coaching is allotted by the sri-lankan’s prime windsurfer and water athletics champions. The sports center attendants have lots of tips and knowledge to help you. whether or not you would like to relish yourself together with your friends on a brilliant Mable boat or expertise AN catecholamine rush on a speed boat, Riverside Araliya is that the place to be. we provide the foremost fully fledged employees to coach beginners, come back attempt it out!
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