Atlasminx World Record (former)

This is the atlasminx. The puzzle has an edge length of 140mm, weighs 7.9kg and has 4863 pieces.

The design of the puzzle was inspired by Matt’s yottaminx and Oskar’s 17×17. The biggest change I made to the floating anchor mechanism was to change the direction of the “hooks” each part has. That allowed for the parts to be printed in an orientation that minimized the need for support material in FDM printing. I also added a kind of foot to 25% of the center pieces that prevents them from twisting in place and also helps with sorting. I made the puzzle sitckerless as I did not want to place over 5000 stickers. Also it helped mark progress during the build Instead of just printing in black and only black for months.

I would say the turning quality is better than the 22×22 but a little worse than the yottaminx. The turning is a bit catchy and alignment is an issue. The puzzle is stable though, so far I’ve not had a signal pop.

Overall this project took a little under 100 hours from start to finish witch was a lot faster than I was planning. Given the relatively short amount of time this took I plan on at least partially printing out a version 2 of this puzzle in the future. I think with only a few small changes the turning could be improved to the point were solving it in a reasonable amount of time would be possible

Filament I use for 3d printed projects:

Also check out Daniel Forgosh’s video on this puzzle:

Atlantis by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



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