Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Petrophysical Evaluation of Reservoirs in Algeria…

Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Petrophysical Evaluation of Reservoirs in Algeria: Challenges and Limitations
Petrophysical reservoirs’ evaluation is very important and crucial step in exploration and production activities. Indeed, the reservoir characterization is essentially based on conventional workflows that end up creating a model, which is interactively corrected through data correlations. Wherein, one of the main model’s utility is to select sampling intervals and depth points where pressure tests will be done and the reservoir fluid samples will be obtained. From one side, this methodology is generally effective for homogeneous reservoirs where the rock matrix is characterized by simple mineralogical composition. From the other side, for heterogeneous reservoirs where the matrix has a complex mineralogy mode the workflow outputs can be discussable and the Petrophysicists should do much more effort on logs interpretation in order to minimize the model uncertainties. The main objective of this presentation is to highlight the importance of using advanced techniques, namely, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), fuzzy logic, and Support Vector Machines for reservoirs’ evaluation in Algerian. Case studies will be discussed in details, in which the advantages and drawback will be carefully argued. Moreover, the limitation of such approaches will be given in details in order to allow the webinar participants construct an idea on the future challenges of these research topics.
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