Antarctica National Geographic Explorer Documentary – 7th Continent

Travel Destination Antarctica.
Earth’s southern most and least populated.
Situated in the southern Antarctic and South Pole surrounded by southern ocean.
Fifth largest by the size covered with ice.
Being the highest average elevation, it is also the coldest driest windiest desert continent.
70 percent of the fresh water reserves are in Antarctica if melted can raise sea levels above two hundred feet’s.
Antarctica holds earth’s lowest measured temperature minus eighty nine point two Celsius.
Native species of animals include mites, nematodes, penguins, seals and tardigrades.
Antarctica is governed by about 30 countries.
Tourism, fishing and research are the main human activities in and around Antarctica. During the summer months, about 5,000 people reside at research stations, a figure that drops to around 1,000 in the winter. Despite its remoteness, human activity has a significant impact on the continent via pollution, ozone depletion and climate change.
Over the second half of the 20th century, the Antarctic Peninsula was the fastest-warming place on Earth, closely followed by West Antarctica, but temperatures rose less rapidly during the early 21st century. Conversely, the South Pole, located in East Antarctica, barely warmed during much of the 20th century, but temperatures raised three times the global average between 1990 and 2020.
the Arctic is an ocean surrounded by land, while Antarctica is a continent surrounded by ocean. The Arctic Ocean, a climate-ameliorating heat source, has no counterpart at the South Pole, the great elevation and perpetually reflective snow cover of which instead intensify its polar climate. Moreover, during Antarctic winters, freezing of the surrounding sea effectively more than doubles the size of the continent and removes the oceanic heat source to nearly 1,800 miles from the central polar plateau.



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