Amazing Tribal Traditional Marriage and Folk Dance in Desert | Cooking Food for 3000 peoples

Cholistan Desert Village Life is very unique in term of their tribal culture and customs, This traditional marriage ceremony was in Cholistan Desert near Maujh Garh fort. the folk dance on Rohi or Cholistani Folk music make it very unique.
Desert tribal marriage and mega cooking makes unique culture of pakistani village life and traditions,
we covered traditional marriage ceremony and mega feast in Pakistani Desert Cholistan village, the culture and customs are same as other Pakistani villages but some things are different in desert area Life style of desert peoples are very simple and they are far away from junk food. they only like organic food and home cooked. in this marriage they cooked beef (Buffalo calf) and sweet rice with Roti and served to approx. 3000 guests including servicing guys.
Guys more than 15 widely spoken languages subtitles included , enable subtitles on clicking CC or enable in your language .
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