All about Australia for Kids | Learn about the Australian continent and country

Did you know that continent of Australia is also a country and an island? In fact, it’s the biggest island in the world! In All about Australia for Kids, you will learn many more cool facts about this unique continent. It’s one of the seven continents on the earth and is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans, plus a few other seas.

The first people who lived on the continent were the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples. They invented the spear and the boomerang and lived in the Outback, which is a desert that covers about two-thirds of the land. They arrived on the continent from the Indonesian islands almost 60,000 years before the British settlers in 1776. Other colonists came to the country because of the discovery of gold. Today, only 2% of the population are Aborigines.

Apart from kangaroos, Australia’s land is home to Tasmanian devils, wallabies, thorny dragons, koala bears, 828 species of birds, and more. And in the ocean, many people come from all over the world to visit the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest reef system in the world. Uluru is another cool landform that attracts many visitors every year. Uluru is a sacred natural formation that rises 1,100 feet tall. It is the largest rock in the whole world!

When it comes to manmade structures, this cool island-country-continent boasts the famous Sydney Opera House. It is an incredibly iconic building. Another cool structure is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, nicknamed The Coat Hanger, which is over 400 feet tall and 1,640 feet long. People can even climb up to the very top.

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What you will learn in All about Australia for Kids:
0:00 Introduction to Australia
1:03 Aborigines and colonization
2:08 Geography, population, and government
3:09 All about the Outback
4:00 Famous landforms and common industries
5:04 Wildlife of Australia
5:47 Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, and other famous attractions
7:09 Review of the facts

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