African Tribal Life Tribes culture Traditional Dances Part 5

Zulu traditions and culture. Umemulo meaning Umemulo is one of the many beautiful Zulu words whose English translation is “coming of age.” While the word is synonymously Zulu, the ceremony it represents can be found in other cultures all over the world such as the Hispanic Quinceaneras. It marks the transition of a girl into womanhood signifying she is an adult and therefore ready for marriage. Umemulo ceremony preparation Umemulo is not just a birthday party; it is a process that involves years of planning from the moment a girl hits puberty at around 13 or 14 years of age. Immediately she starts her menstrual cycle, the countdown to her Umemulo begins and ends with the actual ceremony once she turns 21. Traditionally, the girl is supposed to undergo various classes where she is taught of everything that is expected of her and the disappointments she may face once she crosses into womanhood. Chastity is highly valued at this stage with the crowning jewel being the Umemulo ceremony that is solely for virgins. In keeping with this requirement, Zulu girls may be required to attend monthly virginity classes from their first period to the moment they undergo their Umemulo ceremony. In as much as these classes are to test virginity, they are also used to educate the girls on all matters self-worth, respect, and womanhood. Once a girl reaches 21 and having fulfilled her Zulu tradition obligation she can now prepare for her Umemulo. Read more:


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