Advanced Analytics: Is Our Information Management Mature?

Maturity frameworks have varying levels of information management maturity. Each level corresponds to not only increased data maturity, but also increased organizational maturity and bottom-line ROI. There are recommended targets to achieve an effective information management program. The speaker’s maturity framework sequences the information management activities for your consideration. It is based on real client roadmaps. This webinar promises to offer a wealth of ideas for key quick wins to benefit the organization’s information management program. 

Attendees can self-assess their current information management capabilities as we go through Data Strategy, organization, architecture, and technology, yielding an overall view of the current level of information management maturity.

This webinar provides a foundation for enhancing current data and analytic capabilities and updating the strategy and plans for achievement of improved information management maturity, aligned with major initiatives.

This is always a hot topic when the speaker gives it, so be sure to come plot your shop on the curve.


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