A Master Class in Digital Marketing with Dennis Yu and Jason Pantana

11A Master Class in Digital Marketing with Dennis Yu and Jason Pantana

Today’s podcast is practically a free, highly tactical, 90-minute class from two of the world’s premier experts in digital marketing!

You’ll probably want to listen to this one several times and definitely share it with your virtual assistants or whoever handles your marketing.

I’ve got Dennis Yu, who arguably knows more about the back end of the digital landscape than anyone, along with our own Jason Pantana, talking all things digital marketing.

Dennis shares his own approach to content distribution that simplifies the whole process and costs next to nothing. (You should definitely “R&D” it – rip-off and duplicate.)

He also: Explains his “Dollar a Day” methodology
Shows you how to rank higher in search results
Weighs in on new social platforms and whether or not they’re worth your time
Defines “link juice” and explains why it’s more important than ever.

Not only all that, but Dennis reveals the perfect place to hide a dead body. (You won’t want to miss that!)

Interested in a FREE Coaching Consultation? Click the link: https://tfi.media/3w1CxSj

0:00 – 1:14 – Dennis introduces himself and his extraordinary background
1:15 – 6:18 – Digital Plumbing: How to make good decisions based on math
6:19 – 8:15 – Why your Google Tag Manager is insanely important
8:16 – 12:05 – Another reason why video is essential
12:06 – 18:40 – What to train your VA to do – and how to stop wasting great content
18:41 – 23:16 – Reframing paid ads as “social postage” + Dennis describes his “Dollar A Day” approach
23:17 – 30:18 – Would you quit the gym if you didn’t get six-pack abs in one workout?
30:19 – 32:04 – How your social media impacts your Google search results
32:05 – 38:20 – A master class in cross-posting in 40 seconds
38:20 – 42:58 – Why “Link Juice” is what makes the real magic happen
42:59 – 52:05 – Dennis reveals a fantastic hack to gain location authority
52:06 – 1:01:10 – Should you – as an agent – be on Clubhouse? Dennis weighs in.
1:01:11 – 1:05:01 – What about TikTok? (Hint: You don’t have to sing and dance.)
1:05:02 – 1:10:22 – Let’s talk SEO
1:10:23 – 1:16:17 – How to hook viewers into your video right from the start
1:16:18 – 1:24:35 – Closing thoughts from Jason – what YOU should do with this information
1:24:36 – 1:26:00 – Why buying email lists can be a fatal mistake


For the majority of my life, I’ve been passionate and dedicated about changing lives by giving away the very best strategies, tactics, and mindset techniques to help you and your business succeed. Join me as we take this to level 10!


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