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Welcome to my channel one and all. The idea of this channel is to share content from all over the world in Telugu and this endeavor seems to be getting some traction. I want to mix travel videos, along with daily lifestyle vlogs and other kinds of content as well.

In this vlog I present to you the place where Komaram Bheem, the legendary Telangana Gond fighter who got killed by the Nizams fighting for the rights of the Gond people. It was quite a drive through the forests of Adilabad and the new Asifabad district where we got to visit the place of Komaram Bheem and the museum the was opened in his honor by the current CM of Telangana. It also highlighted the life style of Gond People in Telangana. Some live interaction with the Gond and Kolam tribes in the undivided Adilabad district.

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Video Tags: A day with the Tribals | Gond and Kalam tribes | Telangana Vlogs | Ravi Telugu Traveller

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