8 Tips for Finding Jobs in Sweden

If you are interested in finding a job after your studies in Sweden, you are in luck!

Raghu has come to the rescue with some awesome tips for everyone who wants to get a good foot into the job market! He helped us make this Work After Studies series a huge success !

He is a past Digital Ambassador and past student of the Stockholm School of Economics who currently works at Ericsson in Sweden.

Read more about the tips he gave here: https://blogs.studyinsweden.se/2018/04/13/work-study-list-tips/

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Part 1: Application: https://blogs.studyinsweden.se/2018/03/23/application-process-work-study/
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Part 3: Inside the workplace https://blogs.studyinsweden.se/2018/04/06/work-after-study-workplace-culture/

This video was shot outside of Uppsala University’s Östgöta Nation.

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