6 BIGGEST MYTHS About Indigenous People

6 BIGGEST MYTHS About Indigenous People
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If you want to show your support for Indigenous people and communities, you’re likely starting out on your journey by trying to learn about us as people right? Well if not, then thats exactly where you should be starting… Thats why in this video I want to cover SIX of the BIGGEST myths surrounding Indigenous poeples. If you are someone who’s interested in learning if you believe some of these myths about Indigenous people, then this video is for you, my friend!

Knowing these myths can help you to have a better understanding

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⌚ T I M E S T A M P / /
0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Myths about Indigenous People
1:22 – ALL Indigenous People are knowledgeable about Indigenous Culture
4:37 – ALL Indigenous People are Proud of their Indigenous heritage
6:13 – ALL Indigenous People are advocates of Indigenous rights and movements towards Truth & Reconciliation
7:56 – Indigenous People receive free money from the government
11:44 – Indigenous People prefer to hang out with other Indigenous People
12:59 – Indigenous People don’t like non-Indigenous people appropriating the culture
16:20 – Outro


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