50 Best Cities in The World for 2022 Ranking | Comparison

50 Best Cities in The World for 2022 Ranking | Comparison

Time Out conducts a massive global survey of thousands of individuals each year to determine the top tourist destinations. The best city in the world this year was Edinburgh, which was followed by Chicago, Medelln, Glasgow, and Amsterdam. After Melbourne, Mumbai is placed 14th for its nightlife and sense of community. New York is at position 20. The magazine claims that the list was centred on the attractions that make the cities ideal places to visit, such as dining and drinking, nightlife, art, culture, and museums, and general appeal.

While resilience and a sense of community spirit were among the most crucial factors taken into account in the past two years when evaluating the quality of life in cities, the magazine claimed that in 2022 it added a new dimension to the list by focusing on the characteristics that make these places great to live in. These include an exciting nightlife, delicious cuisine and beverages, and superb art and culture. Additionally, they highlighted locations that are sustainable, walkable, and practical with decent public transit.

Here are the top 50 cities and the criteria used to choose them.


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