4 Ways Real Estate Investing Will Make You Rich

4 Ways Real Estate Investing Will Make You Rich

Real estate investing isn’t everyone’s investment of choice. Some prefer stocks, crypto, or even sitting on cold hard cash. But, real estate investments have a severe advantage over the rest that most investors won’t even consider when trying to build wealth. Dave Meyer, host of “On the Market” and author of the new book, “Real Estate by the Numbers,” is back to share how real estate investing makes you rich in more than just cash flow.

The average investor has heard things like “investing in real estate can lower your taxes” or “my tenants pay my mortgage” but may not truly understand the sentiment behind those statements. Real estate investing is a multifaceted way to not only get rich but build generational wealth for you and your family.

When you know all the benefits of real estate, you can start analyzing deals differently. Most investors will only look at their take-home cash flow and pass on phenomenal deals that could make them much richer in other, more indirect ways. Dave walks through exactly how to keep an eye out for these different kinds of real estate benefits, and if you get his new book, you may even find yourself with more investing options than you thought!

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00:00 4 Ways to Build Wealth Through Real Estate
02:12 1. Cash Flow
03:40 2. Appreciation
05:28 3. Amortization
06:40 4. Tax Benefits
08:01 It’s More Than Just Cash Flow!

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