4 Smarter Ways to Invest in Real Estate as Interest Rates Rise

As interest rates rise, trying to invest in real estate may seem harder and harder. For most rookie real estate investors, this is true. You may find yourself with fewer financing options and higher home prices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make big house flipping profits or rental property passive income just because mortgage rates are rising. James Dainard and his team at Heaton Dainard Real Estate have found four simple ways to ensure you the money you want, no matter what the housing market conditions are like.

James has invested throughout multiple market cycles. He’s seen the crashes, the euphoria, and the fear/greed stages we’re all warned about. The main difference between James and other investors is that he chooses to adapt to the market conditions, while still keeping his same core tenets in place. You’ll see an example of this as he walks us through a flip he’s rehabbing in the expensive Seattle area and how his team has multiple ways to make either killer cash flow or almost six-figure flipping profits from this deal.

How are you adjusting your investing strategy during turbulent times? Are you taking your foot off the real estate pedal or continuing to invest as other investors get scared away? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Fed’s Plan for Future Interest Rates

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02:15 Making Your Investment “Bulletproof”
05:52 Walking a Bulletproof Flip Project


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