360 Video | Immerse yourself in life at sea on CSIRO research vessel Investigator

360° video clips filmed on CSIRO research vessel (RV) Investigator (clip details below) and used in the CSIRO Virtual Work Experience Program. To watch 360° videos, you need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox or MS Edge. On mobile devices, use the latest version of the YouTube app.

Clip 1: (00:00) RV Investigator passing under the Tasman Bridge in Hobart, Tasmania.
Clip 2: (01:25) Golden sunset on the ocean as RV Investigator rolls from a gentle swell.
Clip 3: (02:05) Ship crew recover a sampling net onto the snowy back deck of RV Investigator in Antarctica.
Clip 4: (03:50) Scientists processing a sample of Antarctic krill in a laboratory on RV Investigator.

More information about RV Investigator: mnf.csiro.au


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