19 Weird Facts From Classic TV History

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If you dig deep enough, you’ll find all sorts of bizarre and unexpected facts about your favorite classic TV shows. This video does all the detective work for you – because who really has time for all of that.

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So get ready for a revealing journey that is going to unearth all sorts of oddities and secrets of some of the television’s most cherished series.

Find out why Spock from Star Trek almost got nixed due to outcry from the network executives. Discover what Mr. Ed’s absurd daily diet was and uncover the origins of Alfred Hitchock’s iconic side-profile sketch in the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. All of these secrets and more are packed into this facts-sinating video that is sure to keep you entertained for the next few minutes.

You’re likely to never look at these shows the same way after you find out all of these juicy details. And hey! You don’t even have to do any of the painstaking research required to be privy to these trivia bits that are sure to make you seem like an expert compared to your friends. They’ll think that you’re some kind of classic television scholar after you bust some of these facts out at the next get-together you go to.

19 Weird Facts From Classic TV History


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