10,000 To 1 Crore Through Stocks ft. Malkansview | Stock Market MASTERCLASS | The Ranveer Show 115

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Vishal Malkan is the founder of Malkansview Training Institute Private Limited. His wife, Meghana Malkan comes from a corporate background and is a lawyer but decided to migrate into the stock market world along with her husband.

Together, they set up their training institute, Malkansview, to empower people from various backgrounds and professions. Malkansview has trained thousands and helped them take control of their financial future.

In today’s episode of The Ranveer Show, Vishal and Meghana Malkan share an educative guide to the stock market for every beginner. Learn the basics on how to become a skilled trader and invest in stocks with the right knowledge and information.

0:00- Introduction
02:08- Vishal Malkan’s story
4:35- Meghana Malkan’s story
7:55- 3 things Ranveer learned from them
8:56- Breaking down the science behind the stock market
11:29- The concept behind holding the shares
13:06- Why the stock market is like T20 cricket
14:10- How to invest
18:07- Concept of averaging
20:02- Logic behind buying low-value shares & wait
21:11- Turning 10,000 into 1 crore
23:40- How the tools are developed
26:44- Their many courses on the stock market
27:27- Can everyone become equal traders?
28:30- Stock market book recommendations
29:26- How to build an MF portfolio?
31:52- 3 things every teenager needs to become successful
32:50- Why invest in companies like Tata Steele or Tata Motors
34:40- How to improve observation skills for stock market
35:55- Observation trading skills for beginners
39:39- Boiling down major learnings of the episode
41:15- Part 2 coming next week

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