10 Differences Between Black Women and Latina Women | black Latina woman vs African American woman


No one doubts that there are many differences between Afro-American black woman and black Latina black women when you observe the cultural diversity, type of language, lifestyle and the different racial mixes that exist in the Afro-descendant community in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also in the U.S.

Both Afro-Latin women and Afro-American women are descendants of the first black African slaves who came against their will to America through the trans-Atlantic slave trade during the colonization of the New World territories.

Some will say that the only difference between a black woman who speaks Spanish and a black woman who speaks English is the port where the slave ship arrived, but the human being is something more than a place of origin in which the sense of cultural, ethnic identity , racial nationality and personal experience must be taken into account to define who they are.

Both black Latina women and black women in the United States, as racial ethnic groups, have their own stories to tell and experience associated with the slave system where the cultural influence of different nations makes Afro-descendant women in America the most diverse population group in the world. the land of the new world.

When talking about Afro-American women and Afro-Latina women, in this video you will talk a little about the 10 differences in culture, language, lifestyle, type of music, religious beliefs, marital relationships, type of food, phenotypic differences, racial, mentality , social attitudes and family values ​​and importance of the family.
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